Kat D'Orazio

Author Bio

Flowerhead was raised in Gallup New Mexico where she studied traditional oil painting under portrait artist Jacqueline Cattaneo, and was introduced to, charcoal, watercolor, ceramics, and casting with the help of Dorie Yorgen-Rowberry and Kathe Noe.  Flowerhead began experimenting with a wide array of media and branching out into comics and street art.

She went on to study painting and drawing in Chicago at the school of the Art Institute, and completed her degree at the university of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  Her work has been shown at Cellar Door Gallery and The Talking Fountain gallery.  Her artistic influences include Salvador Dali, Frank Frazetta, Boris Valejo and Julie Bell, H. R. Giger, Caitlin Hackett, and Beth Cavener Stichter.  She also draws inspiration from roller derby, rock climbing, exploring nature, and meeting and collaborating with other artists. Currently, Flowerhead lives and works in Albuquerque New Mexico as an illustrator and tattoo artist.