Thomas N. King

Thomas King

Author Bio

Thomas N. King, a native of Southern California, currently resides in North Texas.  He was compelled to write a book to help other men deal with the emotional ups and downs faced during pregnancy. Although he and his wife suffered two miscarriages in the process of his learning, they have two healthy young sons.

The author is currently working on two additional books in the 59 Tips series entitled: 59 Tips on Discipline For Children: How to obtain proper obedience and respect from your kids and 59 Tips for Forgiving Others: The secrets to forgetting and moving on.


Overview for 59 Tips for Pregnant Men

This book was designed to empower, motivate, prepare and teach the pregnant man how to respond, comfort, respect and support his pregnant mate.

The mission of the 59 Tips series is to serve the reader by publishing/writing practical information that builds, encourages, instructs, develops and cultivates family and personal lifestyle.


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Overview for Faith Revealed

The word “faith,” which is often used lightly, is probably the most powerful word in existence as it really defines the essence of God. What is faith? Where does faith come from? How does faith work? Faith is absolutely the only method of access to God’s love, protection and even His nature. He has called you to do the impossible in order to reveal His nature to the world. God, our Creator, calls Himself “Light.” This Light is the source from which all other light is created and exists. God wants to reveal Himself to His people through His Light. We, His people, reflect that Light into the world by faith. Faith only comes by the Word of God and who God is, we were made to be. What God does, we were made to do. That which is possible needs no faith. It is in the impossible that faith is revealed. We are designed for the impossible. For those who believe, God is directing you into the impossible on purpose. Are you ready to go?

Faith Revealed by Thomas N. King
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